We also offer 10-week long Internships and Apprenticeships for most roles. We're actively recruiting for the Fall 2018 Apprenticeship now. Apply by July 27.

Working at Viget

  • We keep egos in check.

    Confidence drives us to learn, experiment, and deliver. Arrogance has no place here.

  • We pay it forward.

    We write and speak about what we learn, and we share as much code as we can. We hope you will, too.

  • We laugh every day.

    Because we listen closely, trust each other, and enjoy our work. And because gifs.

  • We seek thrills.

    Like the thrill of working alongside a world-class team and nailing the deadline on a high-stakes project you believe in.

  • We believe character matters.

    Emerson said “The force of character is cumulative.” The force is strong with us.

  • We wonder, we dream.

    Then we get busy. We tinker, experiment, prototype, and break things. Measure, repeat, refine. From curiosity to completion — we’re all in.

  • We hustle.

    We might regret a decision or an approach now and then; but, we’ll never regret the purity of old-fashioned hustle.


Viget is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer. Viget maintains a drug-free workplace.

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