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  • Privia Medical Group
  • Challenge

    Improve the ability of Privia doctors, nurses, and care teams to provide high-quality, personalized care for patients.

  • Solution

    Create a comprehensive brand strategy and an adaptable software solution to improve communication and patient treatment.

  • Results

    A simple and clear communication strategy plus an intuitive client side app that, together, streamline and improve the Privia team’s ability to care for its patients.

Changing how healthcare works. When Privia Medical Group first approached us in 2010, they were a small startup shaking up the healthcare industry. Now, with over $400 million in funding, Privia has become a major player in accountable care — a model that strives to lower costs by keeping patients healthier. Over the past 5 years, we’ve helped Privia build, scale, and evolve its patient care management system to accommodate their tremendous growth. We also led a branding and messaging effort to help better communicate Privia’s value to doctors and patients. More recently, we successfully helped Privia advance their goal of providing high-quality, patient-centered care by creating software that allows its care teams to coordinate treatment more effectively.

  • Brand StrategyBe Understood

    As Privia grew into a major player in the healthcare industry, they realized they needed a unifying communication strategy to more effectively reach current and prospective patients, and prospective member doctors — a clear and compelling way to explain who they are, what they do, and why. We worked with their team to discover their core, catalyzing value proposition: that the key to better patient treatment — and better doctors — lies simply in treating patients and doctors better. This strategy, which we called “Be Understood”, served as the basis for the new marketing and corporate sites we created.

  • User ResearchObserving and Understanding

    In order to inform the design of Privia’s software product, we first visited healthcare managers’ offices to see how they organized and accessed patient information during the day. We also asked them to talk through their roles so we could gain a deep understanding of their responsibilities — even learning some of the terminology they used — so that we could develop a prototype that felt as “real” as possible.

  • RailsResearch + Development

    The information we learned during the software product research phase informed the structure and functionality of the first minimum viable product (MVP) we built in Rails. The goal was to get users into the MVP as quickly as possible, so we could get further user feedback about the features and make informed decisions about improvements.

  • User InterfaceStreamlining User Flows

    We eliminated the inconveniences we noticed in the old workflow — like having to switch back and forth between computerized patient information and offline notes — via a custom, React-based client-side app inside the existing Rails app. Users can now change tabs, fill out forms and select other interactions within the same workflow, all without a refreshing the page or losing their place.


We helped healthcare startup Privia build the first version of their software, then worked with them to scale that platform into an even more useful, flexible product by researching how actual healthcare managers used it. We also created a new brand strategy for the growing company that communicates to current and prospective patients and doctors that Privia is a place where they will finally “Be Understood.”

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