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  • Privia Health
  • Challenge

    Privia needed a strategy and product that could advance their philosophy of value-based care by providing patients and doctors with modern, flexible methods of communication.

  • Solution

    Work with Privia to define, build, beta test, and launch a platform that gives patients the flexibility to connect with their doctor securely from the comfort of their home or office.

  • Results

    A Virtual Visits web app, extended by iOS and Android native apps, that connects patients and doctors for remote appointments through a user-friendly interface with video call capabilities.

The doctor will see you now. Since our initial partnership in 2010, Privia Medical Group has grown from a small startup with big ambitions to a champion of accountable care. In 2017, Privia decided it was time to take patient care out of the office — to bring care to patients. With this challenge in mind, we worked with Privia to define and build Virtual Visits — a web application, extended by iOS and Android native apps, that enables doctors to talk to patients face-to-face, virtually anywhere. 

  • It’s About More Than Usability

    Technology can feel cold and inhuman — two things nobody wants their healthcare experience to be. That’s why, when designing the user interface for Virtual Visit, we set out to create a digital experience based on Privia’s healthcare philosophy of modern and personal medical practice. From form fields to the virtual waiting room, we focused on clean, approachable designs and clear, human microcopy to create an experience that’s not only easy to use but also comfortable and human.

  • Patient and Physician Approved

    Before launching Virtual Visits, we knew we needed input from the people who would actually use it. We gave the app to doctors and patients to learn from their real-world situations. Through our beta testing, we discovered patients’ understanding of their own hardware as a barrier, which led to confusion between the doctor and their patients. After updating the user interface, clients were better prepared for their appointments, enabling doctors and patients to focus on what matters most: patient care.

  • We'll come to you.

    Creating Virtual Visits wasn’t about giving patients another place to go to access care — it was about bringing care to them. This meant building a version of the application for web, Android, and iOS, making virtual visits something users could access whenever and wherever they needed to. We wrote native applications in Swift and Kotlin, which allowed us to create user experiences tailored for each platform. We built a web application using React, resulting in a dynamic video conference app that responded immediately to changes in data, allowing patients to communicate with their doctors clearly, and from the convenience of their home.


Our work for Privia provided patients with a flexible option to connect with doctors through a Virtual Visits app, using a web app, extended by iOS and Android apps.

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